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    At Mystics Athletic School we love working with both beginner and advanced students, knowing that it's "character"/spirit/shen that really matters. Classes are held in a beautiful, private studio ensuring small classes and personal attention. We look forward to getting to know you and hope to develop an excellent relationship.

    Kung Fu in Athens Georgia!

    Look for Kung Fu classes in Athens Georgia coming soon!!
    More information to come.
    In the meantime, there will still be regularly scheduled classes at our school in Massachusetts. Circumstances have required that Sifu Steve Murphy relocate to Georgia, but he has decided to keep the Danvers school up and running.

    New Book Dedicated to Mystics Athletic School

    My name is Tim and I have studied under Sifu Steven for several years. He has opened my eyes to the wonderful world of kung fu and given me a lot to be thankful for.

    Support Mystics at the World Martial Arts Federation Tournament, Spring 2012!

    When: Sunday May 20, 2012 All day, starting at 9am.
    Where: Reggie Lewis Track and Field, Boston, MA

    Come support the team as we compete across the board with all sorts of great forms. We'll be doing weapons, openhand forms and two-person forms. It's always a great time with some amazing kung fu artists from all over Massachusetts. If you haven't met us yet, make sure to come say hi!

    Tom Tam and Tong Ren Healing Workshop - May 27th

    Come join Tom Tam and his friends from 9am to 2pm for a fun and powerful 5 hours that will include Tong Ren (Bronze Man): a "Beyond Acupuncture" Eastern, Western and Scientific Healing method as seen on Channel 7 and Fox 25.
    See for more info.

    This special "New Day" is for both health practitioners and any one with health concerns who want more hope and are willing to receive this innovative successful and complimentary practice.

    WORKSHOP - Sifu Yao Li teaches Longfist and Drunken Straight Sword

    Sifu Yao Li is coming to Mystics to teach two forms:
    "Drunken Sword" & "Wu shu Style 32 step Long Fist"

    Sifu Li was Sifu Steven's first and most influential instructor. He teaches in boston (see and is very well known in kung fu. It's an honor to have him come to our school to teach!

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