Welcome to Mystics Kung Fu

Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Chinese Boxing, Chi Kung, Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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Do you Kung Fu??

We have classes for all ages and skill levels. No experience necessary.

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What are the Benefits of Chinese Kung Fu?

Internal and external, Hard and Soft, Simple and Difficult.

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Do you Kung Fu?

Learn the non-combative art of good health and inner peace.

Our Classes

Kung Fu “Kung Fu” translates to “hard work” or “acquired skill”. This lifelong practice is taught in…

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Our School

We advocate “Humility, Respect & Patience” and study to improve Coordination, Flexibility, Strength, Balance and Stamina while…

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About Sifu Steven

Steven Murphy began Mystics Athletic School in 1990 after teaching professionally since 1984.After beginning boxing in 1976,…

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